A449 Staffords Road Vine Island Improvement Scheme
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Stafford Road A449/ Vine Island Highway Improvement Scheme


Vine Island will be changed to handle the increase in traffic generated in part by the i54 development and partly from general traffic growth. A shared footway/cycleway will also be provided along with new ‘Toucan’ crossings across Stafford Road and Wobaston Road to provide safe pedestrian and cycle passage.


Stafford Road A449/Vine Island Highway Improvement Scheme Existing Road Layout - click for larger viewStafford Road A449/Vine Island Highway Improvement Scheme Improved Road Layout - click for larger view

A new service road is to be built to give improved access to the shops, new car park spaces and provision for
servicing. The access to the shops will be ‘one-way’, the entrance from Wobaston Road and the exit onto Stafford


Most of the new parking spaces outside the shops will be limited to 2 hours parking (Monday to Saturday, 8
am to 6.30 pm). There will also be two disabled spaces limited to 3 hours stay and a dedicated loading bay.
The scheme will include planting of shrubs, bulbs and new trees to replace those which had to be removed. Existing trees are being kept wherever possible.


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When will the works begin?
Some work to divert underground pipes and cables (water, gas, electricity) has already begun, but the main works are scheduled to start late September 2012 and be finished by the end of December 2013.

What are the permanent restrictions to vehicle access for Bee Lane?
Bee Lane will be accessible from all directions (Wobaston Rd and Stafford Rd, both northbound and southbound) via the new roundabout. However the exit from Bee Lane onto the A449 will be restricted to left turn only, towards
Wolverhampton City Centre.


Why has the decision been made to restrict the exit from Bee Lane to left only?
The decision to restrict exiting to left only was taken for safety reasons. The only available land to improve the junction is to the north of the existing roundabout, so the new roundabout will be further away from Bee Lane and it will not be possible to have access directly onto it. Having a gap in the central reserve to allow right turning out of Bee Lane would be too dangerous because it would mean vehicles crossing the flow of traffic in both directions and the central reserve is not wide enough to allow vehicles to wait in the middle without overhanging the traffic lanes.


Will the Vine Island improvement works be happening at the same time as the M54 motorway works?
All the highway works associated with i54 South Staffordshire including the work at Junction 2 of the M54 are being co-ordinated to minimise the impact on residents, businesses, drivers and visitors.

What about the extra traffic in Cottage Lane / Farmbrook Estate?
This will be monitored and if further works are needed to deal with traffic through the estate after the Vine Island
works are complete then funding will be made available. Any proposals will be subject to full consultation with


What about access during construction?
Access along the A449 and Wobaston Road will be maintained during the normal working day although at certain
times traffic will be reduced down to one lane in each direction. It will be necessary to undertake certain parts of the work on Sundays or at night, which would otherwise cause extensive traffic disruption. We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience for residents and we will work with the contractor to ensure out-of-hours working is permitted only when it is really necessary and we will keep residents informed about any road closures and night time working.

We will endeavour to provide some temporary alternative parking for the shops where this is possible. The detailed arrangements will be discussed with the affected businesses, including delivery arrangements and on-going communication will be maintained as construction progresses.

The gaps in the central reserve of the A449 north of Vine island will be closed for safety reasons.

There will be a need to close Bee Lane completely for approximately 3 weeks during October 2012 to allow the
diversion of underground services (water, gas, electricity) and kerbing works. Other than this closure, it is anticipated that access to and from Bee Lane will remain as existing until the new year when the exit from Bee Lane will be restricted to left only as detailed on page 1. We will keep residents, businesses and local schools informed of these changes.

Can I get compensation?
No, under the Highways Act 1980 the Council, as Highways Authority are required to improve highways, and there is no provision for compensation under this legislation.


Can I speak to someone about my particular circumstances?


• You can email questions to: city.direct@wolverhampton.gov.uk

• You can call Wolverhampton City Direct: 01902 551155

• You can follow our dedicated Twitter hashtag #i54SouthStaffs for general updates

• For all commercial enquiries please visit: www.i54online.com



For the very latest roadworks relating to this scheme, you can also visit Wolverhampton City Council's Roadworks Information Page for the very latest lcoal roadworks information across Wolverhampton City (this will take you out of this website)

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